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Academic model

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We have two learning goals:

  1. Basic literacy

    both in English and Spanish: reading, writing and basic math. One of our main objectives is that all students achieve this basic level of learning.

  2. Maximum development

    of the individual talents of each student. Our second main objective is for students to develop their special talents as much as possible. We encourage and help students to develop their own personal skills and talents according to their individual, artistic and professional interests.

How do we help students reach these objectives?

The learning model that we have in El Dragón International School follows the basic guidelines of implicit learning. This means that students learn in each and every one of their activities throughout the day. All of the concepts that made up their activities are connected.

For example, if one of the subject matters that they are exploring is Greek Classic History, all of the other activities and subjects will have to do, in one way or another, with Classic Greece:

  • Theater workshop: a play from time period.
  • Literature: Reading of the play being performed.
  • Greek folklore workshop, etc.
  • Origen of democracy
  • Greek mythology

Our school offers workshops and classes that can be taught by both teachers and students alike. For example, the Greek mythology workshop was given by a student who was interested in the subject matter, and based on that workshop, all the other workshops related to the history of Classic Greek were organized. These workshops and classes are given in different spaces inside and outside of our school since we believe that learning can also take place outside our doors.