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Organic School

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The Dragon International School is considered an organic school for several reasons:

  1. Evolves and grows

    Our mision and goals are very clear but the rules are not rigid or inflexible. This school’s project evolves and grows as needs and interests arise in different moments.

  2. Own vision

    All members of our community (students, families, teachers, non-teaching staff, etc.) can change the school by providing their own vision. As long as this vision respects the basic principles of our democratic system.

  3. Flexible

    Just as we let the school structure grow in a flexible way and approaching the needs and interests of all those who are part of it, we let our students choose how to develop, not invading their own interests and needs, but adapting to them.

  4. Respet

    We respect  all educational ecosystems.

  5. Fair and ecological trade

    All the materials we buy for our school come as far as possible from companies located in countries where human rights are respected and follow basic standards of fair and ecological trade.

  6. Ethical code

    We try to work with local suppliers that share our ethical code, where human rights and the environment are respected for a better world.

  7. Good working conditions

    At Dragón International School we are positive that organizations made of happy people carry out projects that make other people happy. This is why we offer good working conditions and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where the professionals who work with us can fully develop, just as our students do.

  8. Family involved

    We promote shared leisure time between children and families. To us, kids and adults can develop their skills to a 100 percent if they have space in their respective worlds. We organize multi-age workshops and activities on weekdays or weekends.

  9. Free time

    We do not see the need of sending children home with tons of homework that makes parents and kids loose so much time.