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The staff members of El Dragón are a group of professionals with experience and training in the most innovative and leading pedagogical currents.

Each person who works in El Dragón is completely involved in the development of the children at school.
The eclectic and multidisciplinary nature of our team favors our ability to work in a completely individualized way, and we do so from many different approaches and with great depth.

Our team is trained in innovative methodologies and also knowledgeable about traditional ones and in constant search of innovation,
of new research and studies and of experiences on an international level. We are a group of people in continuous revision of ourselves personally
and professionally: two areas which compliment each other perfectly. We are in continuous search for the truth.

CEO & Co-founder
Scenic Arts Teacher, E-Learning, Research and Academic Management
Coordinator and DF teacher
Cook and nutritionist
Science teacher and mentor
Maestra de infantil
Literature teacher

Senior Leadership Team

And many more…

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